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Outside the Squadron

The summer encampment is the training ground for all cadets in Civil Air Patrol. At the encampment, cadets will bring the skills they have learned at Squadron, Wing, Region, and National level activities to teach others how to be better leaders. Encampment is not designed to be an activity run by Senior Members lecturing to the cadets. Instead, it is a place where cadets learn from other cadets and receive tutor-age and guidance from their senior officers.

This encampment is designed to teach and demonstrate leadership, team work, honor, courage, and determination. Every cadet will be required to participate fully and completely in each and every activity to the best of their ability. There will be obstacle courses to run, repelling towers to traverse, leadership classes, physical fitness, and moral leadership.

Encampment is not designed to be easy. It is designed to be a challenge all attendees must overcome. As long as each and every cadet puts in their 100%, they will receive ten fold back. There will be no option for failure.

Important Forms and Information for Basic Trainees:

CAP Form 31, Activity Application (PDF)

Packing List (PDF)